Top Down Racer Wreck’em Racing Zooms into Google Play

Racing in world famous circuits is good fun. But why not step away from the usual offerings and go for a spin in the desert? That’s what English indie developers ludobit are offering in their retro racer Wreck’em Racing.

This is a top down racing game set in the hot sandy, unforgiving desert landscape with procedurally generated tracks that will leave you confounded every time you start afresh.

As with all top down racers you can pick up over 9 different powerups ranging from shields, mole cars, and missiles. You can even play dirty and set up traps to knock out your unsuspecting rivals.

The game has plenty of customization options so if you want your car to feature wheel spikes or armor plating, consider it done. You can also choose from a variety of car types such as 4X4s, sports cars and even a hovercraft, if you like.

Wreck’em Racing features 40 missions and 18 challenges that should keep the fun and excitement levels going for a while. And its free to play too! Check it out on Google Play, if you’re into games like Micro Machines.

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Liked it

Enjoying the game. The tracks never repeat, so thats cool.

Posted by RacerBoi 10 years ago

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