Top 7 Android Quest Games

Today, everything is on the phone. Your device allows you to chat with friends, watch movies, 22Bet login to try your luck and read books. What’s more, you can play games, and some of them are even as great as PC ones. Here are the best quests with high-quality graphics and astonishing plots.

Monument Valley

In Monument Valley, you have to operate with architecture. All the game’s tasks are based on the geometry of levels, searching for hidden paths and solving optical illusions. Many levels are based on the cool works of famous artists, which gives the game extra charm. In general, the visual part is the strong point of this project, the graphics have something warm, airy and a little bit surreal.

Broken Sword Series

George and Niko’s adventures are some of the best quests ever. They include Broken Sword: Director’s Cut, Broken Sword 2 and two episodes of Broken Sword 5. They are games with a very engaging story where you start small but definitely end up saving the world. A unique atmosphere of adventure and interesting game situations are complemented by very colorful characters. Cartoon graphics are just peerless on high resolution screens, when you can not see any points.

The Wolf Among Us

What can unite noir detective and fairy-tale heroes? The Wolf Among Us game. In this game, the characters of well-known fairy tales are forced to fit into modern society, and not always they succeed. Especially for such cases, a sheriff named Bigby is hired. That’s for him, you will play, unraveling another detective story with murder and fatal beauties. Like all the games from Telltale studio, The Wolf Among Us is a little masterpiece, where the high level of absolutely all points have been worked out.


Another one legendary quest, that’s gained recognition for its graphic component and fascinating story. The adventure in Syberia begins when a girl arrives from New York to a snowy alpine town to become the owner of a toy factory. On the spot, she is gripped by a whirlwind of events, in which the player will have to find out what can connect toys and… living mammoths.

Fear House

Mystical escape quest in a dystopian environment of an old mansion filled with bloodthirsty zombies. It has high-quality graphics with small requirements to the gadget, a fascinating story, interesting but not maddening by its complexity puzzles, and offline mode.

Covered with dusty cobwebs, catacombs, long gloomy corridors, cunning traps and mysterious mechanisms – a cursed house will not let the character, who does not have even a crummy shotgun to fight off the walking dead. You’ll have to use your brain before the zombies eat her.

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

Thanks to remakes, you can even play old quests on your phone. Mobile Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is a reboot of the once hit, but very old adult game about an aging but funny man named Larry, who really wants to part with his innocence. This, in fact, is the main part of the game’s plot. Although the remake borrowed almost everything from the original, it has quite a lot of innovations. Graphics, new passage of certain locations, additional characters.

Fran Bow

Nothing embellishes quests like a creepy atmosphere with notes of human madness. Fran Bow has even more of the above than it needs to. This is an action game that is not going to be ceremonious with the player. A girl named Fran survived the brutal murder of her parents and ended up in a psychiatric hospital for children. The primary task is to escape from there, find her beloved cat, and get to her auntie. Naturally, along the way, you will not do without running around the locations and fiddling with intellectual challenges.

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