Take on the Lord of Hell in Triple Action RPG Eternity Warriors 3

The struggle of good versus evil is never ending. Even mobile games ensnare us with its fanciful plots of how the world has been catapulted into darkness by the lords of darkness and how it is incumbent upon us to take on the role of the hero who must save the day.

Glu Mobile, who brought us great games like Gun Bros and Deer Hunter are back with another installment of the popular action fantasy RPG Eternity Warriors, and this time they are promising us three times the fun: more heroes, more dungeons, and yep.. more loot.

Just when you thought that the kingdoms of Udar were safe, you learn that demon magic has corrupted the last of the dragons, thereby sealing the Eternity Sword and unleashing a dreaded evil upon the world. You step into the shoes of one of three heroes to save the world; a rugged warrior with some old school skills, an agile monk who is an expert in martial arts, or a skillful mage who devastates with his powerful magic. Each of these characters has four active skills and four passive skills which evolve as you progress through the game.

There are three kingdoms that come with their unique brand of monsters and quests. Some quests take longer to accomplish but there are also shorter ones for those who wish to jump into some quick action.

Eternity Warriors 3 has breathtaking visuals which shows out in the detailed depiction of the various elements in the environment. There’s plenty of social engagement thrown in as well as you engage in the guilds, chat with other players, promote or demote them, and inspect each other’s gear.

You can also participate in the different types of special tournaments that Glu Mobile will keep throwing in every now and again for both guilds as well as individual players. Tournament winners will recive cool prizes apart from getting their names etched in the Hall of Fame.

Overall, Eternity Warriors 3 looks to offer new and exciting experiences for players and is definitely worth checking out. Grab this free-to-play game by hitting the download link below.

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True RPG on Kindle

One of the slickest games i played on my Kindle. Flawless graphics and smooth gameplay. Tons of loot to collect and things to do is what this game makes so great! 5/5

Posted by Duriel 8 years ago

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