Take up Your Axe and Become a Wood Chopping Timberman on Android

If you love old school arcade games, you’re going to like Digital Melody’s latest launch on Google Play called Timberman.

In the game, you play a bearded lumberjack tasked with chopping down trees as fast as possible. You need to tap on the left and right side of the screen to chop the respective sides of the tree. However, you must take care to avoid chopping down any of its branches. While that sounds like an incredibly easy thing to do, you’ll find that the going gets tough as you level up.

You have a set time limit in which to chop down the tree, but you can extend the timer by chopping faster. An added difficulty in the game is that when your scores reach higher levels, your timer depletes at a faster rate, eventually leading to your game end.

You can unlock 8 different Timbermen and play in 4 different game environments and if you are really good at your job, you can compete with world players for leaderboard glory.

Do check out the game if you like casual games that are not too taxing on the mind. Timberman is available on the Play Store for the price of free.

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