SWDTech Games Seeks 97K for their 16 Bit Detective RPG Pixel Noir

Who can you trust when you can’t trust yourself? says the cryptic message in SWDTech Games’ Kickstarter page for their JRPG-inspired, 16-bit noir detective role playing game Pixel Noir.

There’s certainly an intriguing storyline here –  ten years ago you were fired from your job as a private eye after you blew up a hospital, killing hundreds of innocent people. Now, you finally get the chance to set things right and prove your innocence.

Pixel Noir will have you exploring Pinnacle City where the action unfolds, searching for clues, interrogating suspects, and engaging in a wealth of side quests in order to discover the truth. There are also turn based battles and epic boss fights featuring timed attacks and blocks, skill trees, and team combo attacks.

According to the campaign, the game will retain a 16-bit era look and feel but there will be upgrades in the form of a streamlined graphical interface, motion comic cutscenes, unlockable achievements, and cross-save functionality.

Get more information about Pixel Noir on the Kickstarter page and be sure to chip in your contributions if you want to see the game come to life on your Android.

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