Is Sports Betting on Android Legal?

Mobile technology and smartphones have had a profound effect across numerous industries and transformed many of them. Certainly, the gambling market has been positively impacted by mobile tech in a significant way. Leading the drive for a new era of betting on mobile is Android and the smartphones that use the platform.

One of the things Android does is put a minicomputer into the hands of billions of people. Anyone with a smartphone now has the computational power to access their favorite sports betting venues online. The internet brought betting to a new betting audience and mobile technology has extended that to include all casual users.

In terms of sports betting, this means people can now access their favorite betting websites wherever they are, at any time, and with minimum fuss. Online sportsbooks and casinos have quickly recognized this new frontier and have developed dedicated mobile apps to deliver their services.

It has never been easier to find your favorite online betting provider. Most have apps that are just one click away on a smartphone, such as the caesars sportsbook betting app, which gives users instant access to sports betting lines.

However, there is one significant obstacle when looking for a sports betting or online casino application on Android. Specifically, Google has a policy that states betting, and gambling apps, are not allowed on the Google Play Store. Essentially, this means no betting app (even from the largest online casinos) are allowed on the store.

So, the obvious question is, does Google’s policy mean sports betting is not allowed on Android?

Luckily, that’s not the case. Google’s policy states that those apps are not allowed in the Play Store, not that they are banned from the Android platform. In other words, you won’t be able to find these apps on the official Android app store, but you can still get them and install them on the OS.

That’s possible because of the way Android is run as an operating system. Because the platform is open-source, people are free to use it as they please. Side-loading is already a major part of the Android market and is the key to getting online betting apps onto your Android device. Alternatively, you can use a third-party app market that does host sports betting and online casino apps.

It’s worth pointing out again that using either of these methods is not illegal and neither violates Google’s terms and conditions for Android. In fact, major online casinos and sportsbooks have official Android applications and know users will need alternatives to the Play Store to download those apps.

Out of the two options, a third-party app market is easier than sideloading an app APK. These non-official app markets work exactly like the Google Play Store, allowing you to quickly install and update apps with minimum fuss. If you do decide to sideload a sportsbook or casino app, the best advice is to go to the online casino and use its official download links.

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