Jump and Bump with Sonic and Friends in Sonic Jump Fever for Android

SEGA’s most popular gaming hero Sonic is back at what he does best, entertain you with his jumping talents, in an adaptation of the critically acclaimed Sonic Jump. The game is called Sonic Jump Fever, the latter part of the name an indication of the frenzied pitch at which you’ll be jumping to grab top scores.

The game involves quick short bursts of play as you race against time to hit the top scores. And unlike previous games where you replay to better your scores, in Sonic Jump Fever, you compete against friends’ top scores.

Sonic Jump Fever (1)

The game is loaded with fun boosters and combos that can be used to beat opponents. That’s not all, special character abilities and help from legendary Chao can also help you grab big points. The Chao come in handy with special powers too, ones that will help prevent an untimely death or save you from enemy attacks.

There’s also a high speed Fever Mode that can help you earn points quicker, special missions and in-game events to participate with Sonic, Knuckles and a host of other characters from the Sonic universe. Sonic Jump Fever is available on the Play Store for free. Pssst! Make sure you get all your friends to join in the game as you have a good chance of winning elite prizes.

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