Shadowrun Returns All Set for a Showdown on Android

Shadowrun Returns has been making the news for quite some time now and not necessarily for all the right reasons. After attracting a massive $400,000 Kickstarter funding in just 28 hours, and raising expectations of a launch in January 2013, the game has disappointed eager fans and backers until now. The good news is that all the kinks have finally been resolved and the game is ready to steamroll onto all gaming platforms, Android included.

Shadowrun Returns is a single player, turn-based tactical RPG game that plays out in the year 2054 where technology merges with magic and elves and trolls walk amidst humankind. Players will take on the role of a shadowrunner who is on the hunt for a mysterious killer in the Seattle metroplex. The shadowrunner will need to seek the help of other runners and use his mercenary skills  to emerge unscathed from his dark journey.

Shadowrun Returns promises plenty of intrigue, variety of weapons and spells, and skill based character building. The game’s visuals are rich and detailed with unique 2D and 3D art styles. And if these screenshots and video trailer is anything to go by, Shadowrun Returns should become the most anticipated game on Android, yet!

Developers Harebrained Schemes still haven’t confirmed the release date for Android, but if PC and Mac users can get their hands on the game on July 25th, we’re not too far off from the big day.

Keep watching this space for more information as and when it happens!

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Shadowrun Returns The Return of Fallout Type of Games

As a Fallout fan i was attracted to this type of game i haven't seen on the market too often. There is something i love in isometric perspective RPGs so i had to try it.…

Posted by Asashoryu 8 years ago

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