Pinball Rocks HD Combines Music and Pinball For The Perfect Arcade Experience

If you’ve ever played pinball at a real arcade or even a video game representation you know that the actual pinball dynamics is only part of the overall experience. The rest comes with the atmosphere and for pinball that is the mixture of all the sounds and music coming together. The bings and bongs and clicks of the pinball darting around combined with the music coming not only from the machine itself but also whatever venue you’re at. Sony realizes this and has put out a new pinball mobile experience called Pinball Rocks HD. This game has already been released on iOS and fared well and now it is out for Android devices.

You can think of Pinball Rocks HD as a pinball game combined with the best rock station covering both old and new artists and hits. The game features over twenty missions with three bonus games and have a variety of themes. These range from pinball machines with the typical neon garish decorations to ones resembling toxic wastelands. Yet again the music is where Pinball Rocks HD is supposed to shine. New songs come out every time you pop out another ball and some machines are even artist themed. Some of the music and bands on Pinball Rocks HD include AC/DC, Norma Jean, Anvil, Bullet For My Valentine, Slayer, and many more. Of which there are in-app purchases where you can download the songs straight to your music library on your phone. Pinball Rocks HD is out now on Android for free, so go check it out!

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