PaperChase; Endless Flyer With Paper Airplanes

As a kid did you enjoy making paper airplanes and throwing them to the wind? I sure did and have had many a paper airplane competition. Well now Nurdy Muny Games has published PaperChase which puts the magic and art form of paper airplanes into a pretty solid endless runner (or flyer) mobile game.

You can probably expect how the gameplay of PaperChase plays. You control a paper airplane and try to fly as long as you can while avoiding obstacles. That is exactly how PaperChase plays but it looks great and there are still some twists to keep things interesting. First off there is a goal of trying to fly to checkpoints before time runs out. This gives a nice sense of speed to PaperChase. There are also tons of gold to collect and powerups to use to help you in your flight as well as upgrades. These powerups and upgrades can be different paper airplane shapes to general stat boosters. Graphically PaperChase also looks well done as it is 3D-ish and you’ll fly through some detailed cityscapes. Overall PaperChase takes a great theme idea and makes a pretty solid game out of it.

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