Noir Syndrome Gives You A New Murder Mystery Every Time

Think you are a detective and can solve the hardest of cases? Check out Noir Syndrome by David Gedarovich as it is more than your typical murder mystery game! Most of these murder mystery puzzle games are full of gimmicks or just feature one finite story. Noir Syndrome is different in that it is procedurally generated so you get a new story every time.

Like in most detective games in Noir Syndrome you get to visit locations, interrogate suspects, search for clues, and try to eventually solve the case. Of course the clues and suspects change every time you play a new game of Noir Syndrome. Even more intense is your actions (within a single game) are permanent. This means interactions with NPCs, their deaths, and more are permanent. The actual investigation aspect of Noir Syndrome is also well done and features a countdown to really get you in a time crunch. You can go about the cases in whatever way you want, Noir Syndrome gives you a lot of freedom. You can get Noir Syndrome for $2.99 and it seems to really be worth the price.

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