Ninja Hero Cats Brings All The Fish Fighting Action You’ve Wanted

When your cat is sleeping on your bed and dreaming, what do you think he is dreaming of? Well, perhaps he is dreaming that he is a ninja hero cat. In the game, Ninja Hero Cats by HandyGames you command an army of exactly those. Yes, an army of ninja hero cats in a war with fish monsters from another dimension. This is no kung fu or karate but straight up ninjas in this more-than-a-runner endless runner game.

This means you’ll have all the typical/stereotypical ninja tricks up your sleeves such as swinging your samurai swords, throwing bombs and more. You can also hurl fridges, pizzas and pianos at your evil fish foes as weird as that sounds. Along the way, loot goldfish to upgrade your army to have amazing powerups like CATZILLA. Your cats are also great at parkouring over obstacles and bridges. Ninja Hero Cats is free roam and fast paced with infinite fun possibilities. If you like randomness, cats, ninjas or endless running, Ninja Hero Cats combines all that in one huge package that will have you playing it for hours. Check it out on Google Play today for free.

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