Musical Tower Defense Game Bad Hotel Sets Up Shop on Android

You’ve probably played a ton of tower defense games before, but I’ll bet you’ve never seen anything like Bad Hotel before. Developers Lucky Frame of Gentlemen fame, have come up with an insanely bizarre concept that challenges you to defend a hotel from being run down by goons of the Texas tyrant Tarnation Tadstock. The bizarre part comes in when you create music while building and expanding your hotel.

Bad Hotel (1) Bad Hotel (2) Bad Hotel (3)

As an entrepreneur and owner of this bad hotel, you also have the responsibility of expanding it by adding more rooms. Each time a room is added a special musical note is generated. The notes will vary depending on the placement of the room. As you append more and more rooms to the hotel, the procedurally generated music gets more beats, but if you end up losing a room or two, that changes the sequence of beats altering the output.

Despite its quirky concept, Bad Hotel received rave reviews when it launched on other platforms and we expect it to deliver on Android too.

If you are wondering how you could possibly do a tower defense while creating music that ranges from country to techno, check out Bad Hotel on the Play Store. Its up for $1.99.

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