Most Addictive Mobile Games

Mobile gaming has become the fastest growing sub-sector in the gaming industry and due to the important of smartphones for all consumers to get through their everyday lives, we are now seeing mobile games growing even further into the future. However, mobile games can become rather addictive and below we look at some of the most popular and addictive games of all time that we have seem on smartphones.

One of the most addictive games when it was first brought to the market was Crossy Road which like all addictive games, doesn’t seem like much but as you play it, you cannot seem to stop. Crossy Road is what it says in on the tin, you are a character (of which you can upgrade) where you have to cross a never-ending road to try and get the best score. This game was huge news when it was initially released and provided a fun gaming experiences in a retro format.

[Image: Business-Insider]

One of the legends in the mobile gaming world is of course Candy Crush and has certainly been one of the most addictive games of all time, potentially one of the most downloaded games too. Candy Crush is a free to play match-three puzzle game in which provides hundreds of levels for you to compete on. This was one of the biggest crazes when it was first released back in 2012 as the conversation back then was “what level are you on candy crush?”

Fortnite became hugely on gaming consoles such as PC, PlayStation and Xbox back in 2017 when it was released and was the catalyst to the battle royale craze. Due to the popularity that it showed on consoles, it was moved onto mobile in April 2018 and the demand for the game increased even further as many then moves over onto the mobile version so that they could play their favourite game on their phones. Other applications that have become popular on phones has been over at TBC where they have been offering a betting site for all of your favourite sports to play on, without the worry that your fun is going to be limited by Gamstop.

And finally, another game that was a game before moving onto mobiles was Minecraft. Minecraft was one of the original games to break into the market mainstream and this trend continued onto mobile markets. However, it is the only game on this list that that you had to pay for but for a measly £6.99, it is totally worth it.

[Image: PlayStation]

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