MicroTrip, a Physics Arcade Game That’s Played Inside the Guts is now on Android

If you’re an avid Android gamer, you have probably played plenty of Android games in strange surroundings. Playing a game inside a living creature’s body may not be the most fun place to be, but that hasn’t stopped game developers Albert and Damien from coming up with MicroTrip, a physics arcade game where you guide a tiny white blob navigating inside the body of a strange creature in search of while blood cells.

MicroTrip is more of a vertical endless runner that takes you on a journey through strange twisted squishy shapes with the aim of avoiding scary spiky obstacles and getting as far as you possibly can. The grossness of the game’s environment is cleverly sugar coated with bright colors, cute cartooony characters, and realistic soft-body physics.

The game features procedurally generated levels, which should take away the tediousness of playing the same thing over and over again. Players can also sign in to Google Play Services and fight for leaderboard glory.

With an enjoyable soundtrack and an upbeat, feel good aura about it, you’ll enjoy playing one despite its settings. MicroTrip is available on the Play Store for free.

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