Meet the Modern Ninjas in LEGO’s Futuristic Runner Ninjago Rebooted

You’ve seen the Ninjas do their thing in forests, towns and classic feudal environments. Now its time to see them in a new light. The LEGO Group have now brought the Ninjas of Ninjago into a futuristic tower where there are are high-tech security cameras, elevator shafts, and hallways designed to deter them from accomplishing their mission.

Ninjago Rebooted ‘s wise Sensei tells us that one Cyrus Borg has been possessed by the Overlord and that you must climb to the top of the tower and find Technoblades, the weapon that will free Cyrus. The Story mode takes you on a step by step mission to defeat the evil Overlord who controls his minions from atop the Borg Tower.

Ninjago REBOOTED (1) Ninjago REBOOTED (2) Ninjago REBOOTED (3)

You can play as Ninjas Kai, Cole, Jay or Zane, and if you need a bit of diversion from the Story mode, you can try and notch up some big scores in the Endless mode. Swipe controls determine how you want your Ninja to move. You can run, jump, double jump, climb and do plenty of cool Ninja moves if you are super quick on your fingertips. You will find the usual powerups and obstacles in the game but the good news is that you won’t have to deal with any IAPs.

Ninjago Rebooted is available in the Play Store for free. Check it out if you simply can’t resist endless runners or stealthy ninjas.

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