Live Out Your Mechanized Dream, Mech Battle Arena On OUYA

Video games centered around mech battles is a small portion of gaming but one that is immensely entertaining. What is more fun that piloting a gigantic suit and using all sorts of heavy weaponry to destroy enemies and buildings alike. Mech Battle Arena by Mobula Games takes this fun theme and brings to to the OUYA.

In Mech Battle Arena you do what the title suggests. Fight in real time mech battles! Even better is that you can of course customize your mech because what use is having a mech suit if you can’t customize it! There is, in fact, twelve mechs to choose from each with a unique ability. Weapons are just as varied and include things like flamethrowers, rocket launchers, machine guns and more. Of course, a big part of Mech Battle Arena is actually the multiplayer. You can play up to eight player multiplayer in an array of arenas. Matchmaking is competitive and there are online rankings and leaderboards. Check out Mech Battle Arena if you think you’re the biggest and baddest when it comes to fighting with giant metal suits.

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