Kemco Unleashes Another Retro RPG Rusted Emeth on Android

Kemco’s Android game publishing list just got longer. The team has released yet another retro RPG game on Android this month and its called Rusted Emeth. The story behind the game revolves around a mysterious “Edea Banishes”, which has destroyed the Commune of Bista.

Golem-riding Jink is our the hero who makes a living hunting down Bounty Targets who are stronger than the usual-type enemies. He is on a quest to find the truth behind his town’s disappearance. Along the way he meets a young woman researcher Nao and other allies who join him on his journey to discover the truth and save the world.

Golems will be the central force that can help destroy the Bounty Targets and players must customize and equip the Golem sufficiently well to win the battles against these special enemies. The game allies who come in the form of a cat, a mechanic, and even dolls bring their own unique characteristics and abilities and become part of the crazy journey to discover the truth.

Rusted Emeth is available on the Play Store for $3.99, which is a special launch price that is available for a limited time. If you love Kemco games and are eager to see what this one offers, hit the link below to check it out.

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