iPhone Flaws

The iPhone is one of the greatest phones of all time, we won’t even start to argue with that fact. There is so much we get from the iPhone at the same time, there is also a lot that we wish our iPhone could do as well. And since we know that nothing is perfect, we are going to look at some of things that we love and hate about our iPhones. And since we are in this love and hate relationship with iPhones, there is no way we are ever going to trade them form another phone. That is unless it’s an iPhone upgrade of course, on iPhone you can you can have access your online casinos like and play casino game of your choice while you are at home

Things We Love And Hate Abut Our iPhone

No Customization

One of things that we love and hate about our iPhones is the fact there is no room for customization. You get what the iPhone decides to give and that is that. And for those who hate change this is great, but if you love to personalize your device, the iPhone is not the phone for you.

Limited Sharing

One thing that many iPhone users love and hate about their iOS devices is the fact that there is limited sharing. If you love to keep that great jeu en ligne app to yourself then you have no problem with the limited sharing that comes with iPhones. However, it becomes an issue when you see someone with another app that you would love to try out.

No Expandable Storage

The iPhone does not come with expandable storage, but it does come with a great storage space. One can get iPhones that come with up to 512GB of storage. And they there are still some users who would want more than that. And we don’t blame them to be honest we all have different needs. So for some the fact that they cannot expand the storage on their iPhone devices brings them to the love and hate relationship.

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