Inspired by Mixed Martial Arts Comes UFB – Ultimate Fighting Bros

Time to step in the ring and man up! Put on an epic show of pure fighting in UFB – Ultimate Fighting Bros, inspired by mixed martial arts and the UFC. Show who’s boss in both single and multiplayer modes while you’re doing crazy fighting moves to take down whoever your opponent is in bone breaking action.

UFB – Ultimate Fighting Bros is developed by Tapps and is a best of 3 fighting game. In each game each player has three lives and a round ends when a player loses all three lives. MMA inspired is correct when it comes to UFB – Ultimate Fighting Bros as you can do a lot of crazy moves. Climb the cage walls and jump down, grapple your opponent, etc. UFB – Ultimate Fighting Bros also isn’t just a normal run of the mill fighting game but one that has more arcade features. These come in the form of powerups such as ones that heal you, make the arena slippery, make the floor electric (and you can’t touch it) and even turn out the lights. All of these make UFB – Ultimate Fighting Bros into an extremely fun game to play where you don’t have to worry too much about the realism of it all. Check out UFB – Ultimate Fighting Bros on Google Play for free today.

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