Hero’s Path; Make Your Hero the Best You Can

Just released by tap4fun is their new app, Hero’s Path. It is another strategy game where you choose a main hero as well as building up a city and battling people all over the world. Familiar concept for sure but Hero’s Path looks good and tries to make things slightly different.

In Hero’s Path you can choose between different heroes to find one that fits your own style. So there are brute strength ones, magical ones, etc. It should also be noted that Hero’s Path is fairly episodic and has you traveling through 7 different islands to battle enemy AIs. With that being said there is still a host of multiplayer modes if you’re into that. The interesting things that Hero’s Path “adds” to this strategy genre is you can control your hero directly and the building mechanics are more friendly. What I mean by the building is that Hero’s Path does not use wait times. In addition, Hero’s Path features tons of upgrades for your hero, buildings, troops, etc. If you’re a fan of mobile strategy games like Clash of Clans then Hero’s Path is one to check out.

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