Help Fund This Cuteness Overload; Pakka Pets

Are you ready to burst into a fit of rainbows and glitter? Because you just might with how over the top cute and adorable Pakka Pets by Proto Games is. Of course, you’ll need to fund it on Kickstarter before any rainbow explosions will take place. If you haven’t heard of Pakka Pets, it is basically a cross between a virtual pet simulator like Tamagotchi and then Pokemon. Yes, two insanely addictive games coming together to have Pakka Pets as their love child.

In Pakka Pets there are 50 different pets to discover, however not all will be available at the start. To unlock more you need to unlock them by exploring the world around you and going on a variety of adventures. These range from mines to castles to parks and to reach them you need to unlock bus tickets. How do you get these bus tickets? By keeping your current pets happy and growing them! Each pet has different likes and dislikes and needs to sleep, be fed, etc. Once a pet grows into adulthood it then leaves to go into the world yet leaves you with happiness crystals which can be used to buy more/different pets. There is still almost a month left to help Pakka Pets get funded on both iOS and Android devices for free. So check it out now!

Pakka Pets on Kickstarter

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