Get Ready For Some Guns, Glory, and Zombies With Guns’n’Glory Zombies

A while ago developer HandyGames came out with a game called Guns’n’Glory which was a top down Western strategy action shooter that was insanely popular. Now they are back with a sequel called Guns’n’Glory Zombies which takes that original formula and seems to tweak it just a bit.  Guns’n’Glory Zombies is more action packed than its predecessor but also lacks the strategic aspect which made the original interesting.

In Guns’n’Glory Zombies you control four different girls as they face the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Each has a different weapon and each will wreck some zombie butt. As in a typical action zombie shooter there are tons of different weapons to choose and arm yourself with including rocket launchers, flamethrowers and chainsaws. There are also a host of different powerups to give you that edge over the undead. The zombie types are also fairly varied and you’ll have slow, fast, smart, dumb, etc. zombies coming at you from all directions. Locations are all over the place and you’ll be fighting zombies from the beach to the farm, just fighting the plague. So if you were a fan of the original Guns’n’Glory, the sequel is out now with Guns’n’Glory Zombies but note it is a lot different than before.

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