Gamistry’s Gold Diggers Takes You into the Earth’s Core in Search of the Obvious

The lure of gold is hard to resist. Even if it comes in the form of an Android game. Gamistry has taken a popular game genre (endless runners) and used the lure of gold to deliver an exciting endless digging game that tests your reflexes and endurance as it puts you in a crazy wagon and packs you off into the depths of the deep dark Earth.

In Gold Diggers, you take control of a gigantic digging machine and drill your way downwards into the Earth to collect the much sought after yellow metal. As if digging through all the layers of the Earth wasn’t hard enough you have giant worms trying to get a piece of you, flame pillars and hot lava all threatening to cut short your downward journey.

Powerups that you pick up along the way will come in handy when you want a little bit of help heading down south. For instance machine guns that get attached to your gold digging wagon will help blast every obstacle in your path, while others will give you an extra life or two or help you go deeper underground. Gold that you collect can be traded for some cool goods such as special drills, new wagons, and other equipment.

If the lure of gold is just too hard to resist just go ahead and download Gold Diggers from the Play Store. This one won’t cost you a penny.

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