Games Can Be Art; Amerzone The Explorer’s Legacy

If you haven’t heard of Benoît Sokal then you’re in for a treat with this newly released game. Sokal is a famous Belgium comic artist and game developer. Of which the first in his series was called Amerzone and was a first person point and click adventure game. What makes Amerzone special is a unique 360 view point in every scene, great artwork and the story. The original Amerzone came out in 1999 but now Anuman has published an adapted version for mobile touchscreen devices called Amerzone The Explorer’s Legacy.

With that being said, Amerzone The Explorer’s Legacy is pretty much the original Amerzone which is great if you missed out on a fairly hidden gem of the late ’90s. The story behind Amerzone is that before his death  Emile Valembois tells you about a great expedition he had. In this journey he stole a mysterious egg from some natives during a ritual. Now, he realizes what he did was wrong and wants you to return the egg 60 years later which will also bring back this unique bird species back. Amerzone The Explorer’s Legacy has all the same puzzles and greatness the original Amerzone had but it is a newer adaptation. So you’ll get better graphics and the touch screen integration. So if you want to try a classic point and click adventure game check out Amerzone The Explorer’s Legacy.

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