Games Based on the Legendary Star Wars Universe

Free time is fun to spend alone or with friends, playing exciting games at It’s even easier to play anywhere these days. All you need is a smartphone and internet access. Download the app and play for fun at home, on the road, on vacation, in the park, away – anywhere!

In this article, we will tell you about the themed games that are available on Android.

Star WarsTM: Galaxy of Heroes

The heroes will have to explore the galaxy and collect their favorite Star Wars characters. They can be combined into large units that will fight for the light or dark side.

Star WarsTM: Galaxy of Heroes is based on a formula that players may have seen before. At the same time, this version attracts true fans of Star Wars, as well as people who are not familiar with the heroes of this movie.

The game on Android begins with composing teams, choosing items for battle, and certain versions of attacks. The battle is broken up into several stages, at the end of which the players need to fight the main enemy – the Boss.


An excellent plot allows you to relive the story of Star Wars. Here you can meet your favorite characters: Ray, Finn, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and BB-8. Participants have a chance to see a fascinating backstory that reveals events that happened much earlier than the film.

The gameplay has been changed in the plot, game participants can fight in laser battles and watch the battle scenes.

Star WarsTM: KOTOR

This is one of the most successful free-to-play games based on the Star Wars movie. It perfectly combines the plot of the film with the creativity of the developers. Initially, it was intended only for a computer, now everyone can download this exciting game on Android.

The plot reveals two worlds that have not yet intersected in any way. The three-dimensional graphics, despite their perfection, remain clear and simple for all participants.

The main difference between Star WarsTM: KOTOR is that its participants are not allowed to observe the battlefield from a bird’s eye view, since the camera is located behind the protagonist’s back. The rest of the warriors are controlled by artificial intelligence. The participant can take over the management of another participant at any time, or give him the necessary instructions.

Beautiful graphics, interesting, captivating storyline will appeal to people of any age.

Angry Birds Star Wars 1 and 2 Parts

An interesting puzzle game very quickly fell in love with children and adults. The developers did not need to develop the plot for a long time, since it had already been created a long time ago.

At the disposal of the participants are not the usual birds, but Jedi, space marines, unknown creatures in hoods that belong to the category of birds. They all hit the squares with an electric discharge. Each hero has his own set of qualities, some of them have received laser swords at their disposal. The main enemies of the birds are still pigs, but in this game, they have Sith clothes and can shoot back. Their leader wears a black helmet and giggles very disgustingly every time a member loses a level.

Many people especially like the levels that are associated with battles in space. Here you need to shoot birds from a small asteroid so that the projectile can reach the desired planet and shoot down the pigs. A feature of the game is that the usual laws of physics do not work in it, the birds soar freely in zero gravity. All levels are perfectly traced, the plot fascinates from the first minutes.

The second part is a continuation of the first version of the adventures of the star birds. Each character is endowed with their own characteristic skills and abilities. The birds also fight with laser weapons and lightsabers.

If you attach such a figurine to the camera of the device you are playing on, you can see additional characters. There is another way to get virtual acting characters – with the help of virtual currency. In the second part, interactive objects also appeared, which help to defeat the enemy much easier and faster.

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