If you are a gamer, look no further than the Samsung S20

It seems as though the technological world is expanding at an ever-increasing rate. And, after lagging behind Apple and Android competitors in recent years, Samsung have attempted to bring itself back to the fore of smartphones with their S20.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the first mainstream Android phone to feature an (optional) 120Hz display refresh rate mode, making it perfect for gamers. The proliferation of technology has enabled games to be played at the touch of a fingertip on-the-go and has made games like Candy Crush, Free Spins and Pokemon Go far more accessible.

But, when playing such online games, slots and casino games, why does the Samsung S20 rate so highly?

Screen size

A 6.2-inch screen size with a fast 120Hz refresh rate is music to gamers’ ears. With clean and smooth movement, the Samsung S20 is an incredible feat of smartphone success. The slick motion is nearly tangible as users are able to respond to occurences in games with lightning speed as Samsung’s superb UI 2 interface enhances movement and experience.

The increase in refresh rate from 60Hz to 120Hz as well as the 5G download speeds makes everything associated with the phone faster. The 4G of the prequel Samsung S10 fades into insignificance with the 5G of the S20. Games can be downloaded faster and online sites such as casinos can be found quicker, enhancing the efficiency of the phone as a whole.

Ergonomically adapted

A gamer wants a comfortable phone – one that sits in their hand rather than one that feels awkward. The S20 fulfils that objective completely. With softer curves than the S10 and more rounded corners in conjunction with the sophisticated refresh rate, the S20 is brilliant aesthetically. A softer device to both hold and use, the Samsung is truly suited for those wanting to entertain themselves for hours at a time.


Ok, so what’s the good in developing a smooth smartphone if little can be played on it? Well, Samsung has responded with a new, fast 7nm chipset, 12GB of RAM and even 128GB of internal storage. And, in contrast to the basic variant of the Note 10, the S20 comes with a microSD card slot so storage can be expanded if necessary. A 4,000mAh battery also boosts the S20, ensuring hours of gaming fun at least.

The base S20 is just one of three models in the Galaxy S20 range. But, all three have the same processor, a Snapdragon 865 and an Adreno 650 GPU. In other words, the S20 is a fantastically strong pocket-rocket, with complex files and memory-eating games processed with ease. Though, a $1000 price tag means you will certainly need to be serious about purchasing.

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