From PC to Mobile Comes Crystal Story II

The Crystal Story series by Emmanuel Salva Cruz originated as flash games that you would find on sites like Kongregate and such but now he has decided (and rightfully so) to port over the hit RPG series to mobile devices. Hence forth comes Crystal Story II, a turn based RPG which follows the story of a Dragon on his quest to kill the evil witch.

I have played Crystal Story II and the first one tons on my computer so I am excited to see it on mobile now. Anyways, gameplay again is turn based and you can control up to four different heroes. There is a neat little turn indicator so you know who is attacking next. Dungeons/levels are randomized so you’ll always get something different. As Crystal Story II is an RPG you can expect a pretty vast storyline and to meet tons of NPCs telling the story as well as a host of sidequests to keep you entertained. There is also a bunch of minigames within Crystal Story II that affect your character’s performance which is another interesting and unique twist to the typical RPG genre. Overall, Crystal Story II is a great RPG game that is now gracing the likes of mobile devices and you should all check it out.

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