Fright Fight is a Ghoulish Free For All Brawler You Can Play Online with Friends

The chances of playing a Nintendo game on your mobile phone looks very unlikely, but if you have a fancy for Super Smash Bros’ style online brawlers, its time to pick up your Android and scoop up APPSolute Games’ latest launch Fright Fight.

Fright Fight is probably as close to the real thing that you’ll get, with gorgeous 3D visuals, four classes of characters each belonging to different realms and bringing their unique skills, attack types and combos; and some smashing free-for-all brawls to the death, all set in menacing environments.

You can connect with up to 3 random players from around the world or you could invite your friends to battle with you. The control scheme is intuitive, no wonky on-screen buttons in this one; just tap and swipe to knock off your opponents or push them off the arena. Holding down will also let you charge a special move.

Fright Fight is a completely online multiplayer game, so you may feel a bit cheated if you were hoping for a single player mode or even a local multiplayer to pass some easy hours. Plus, you’ll have to register with an email account to add friends and invite them over to play. Don’t forget, you’ll also need an active internet connection for this to work.

As far as the characters go, you will have to work hard to unlock all but one, and IAPs may be a tempting option if you want a change mid way during the game. For Facebook fans, there is easy Facebook integration and you can also see how your ranking compares to players worldwide and locally.

Although Fright Fight includes the offer of IAPs, you can download and play the game for free, and if you love bashing your friends in intense animal-like battles, Fright Fight should be the one to go for.

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