Forget Call of Duty, It’s Call of Mini Infinity!

Call of Duty, for better or for worse, is a highly talked about video game that spans pretty much every system. However, this article isn’t about Call of Duty, but rather a game called Call of Mini Infinity that is now on Android devices. The only real similarity between the two aside from the slight name difference is they are both shooters.

The story behind Call of Mini Infinity is more sci-fi rather than present day military and is about colonizing an alien planet (by force) to escape a deadly meteorite impact. Call of Mini Infinity has all the typical shooter features you want such as a large variety of weapons, armor, tons of upgrades for each and more! You can even put on talents and essentially perks to help you in your way to victory. Everything is in 3D cartoony graphics but don’t let that fool you as the battles in Call of Mini Infinity are full of action and are just as thrilling as any other. At the low price of free, Call of Mini Infinity is certainly worth checking out to see what all the fuss is about.

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Awesome FPS

Awesome game with great graphics and great controls. There was an issue with server connection but after last update that was fixed! Top FPS!

Posted by CubeMaster 7 years ago

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