For Glory! Greed For Glory: Dragon Cities Out Now!

The recent trend for mobile gaming is massive multiplayer RTS style city builders where you can build up your forces and attack others. Clash of Clans seems to have made it popular yet there are tons of different games out there which are similar. Greed for Glory by PerBlue is one of those and now it has received an expansion in the form of a new download called Greed for Glory: Dragon Cities.

Specifically, the Greed for Glory series combines a city defense game with strategic and fast paced battles. Command your mighty army and take down the thousands of players online. With the Greed for Glory: Dragon Cities expansion you are mainly getting what the title suggests…dragons! There is a whole new dragon centric campaign for you to take on. Defeating dragons gains you new items, so it is worth taking the challenge. In addition to the dragons, Greed For Glory: Dragon Cities has all the other features you know and love from the Greed for Glory game. Can recruit  Elves, Knights, Dragons, and other creatures to help you in your quest, can join your friends in one big kingdom to take down others and progress your kingdom through ten different technological eras. As with the first Greed for Glory game, Greed For Glory: Dragon Cities is a freemium game rife with IAPs but it certainly is addicting.

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