Find Yummy Cheese in Hidden Clay Based Puzzles in Genius Greedy Mouse for Ouya

Space Fractal‘s ingenious puzzle game Genius Greedy Mouse is on Ouya. In the game, you play a cute little mousey who is on the hunt for yummy cheese. Trouble is you are stuck in an underground maze and must use your cunning to find your way past the many traps and obstacles that stand in your way.

Genius Greedy Mouse has 110 levels each one featuring a unique twist in gameplay. You will have to manipulate the objects in the maze in delightfully fun ways in order to get to the cheese. Although the game looks as easy as pie, it is anything but. Luckily, the three different types of difficulty settings (Light, Normal and Genius) will come to your aid in case you find yourself stuck in a dead end. What is really striking about this game is the use of clay-based animation which brings out the quirky concept in a remarkably engaging manner.

Check out the cool antics of greedy mouse in the video preview, and if you like what you see, you can grab Genius Greedy Mouse for your Ouya device.

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