Find Your Way Back Home in “Out There”, Coming to Android Q3 2013

The universe remains one of the few mysteries left unsolved by our species. From the dawn of time, we’ve sat under a star-lit sky gazing into the heavens wondering just what it is that lies “out there” beyond our galaxy. In this up-coming title from Mi-Clos Studio, you will experience the unknown first-hand as you awaken from a terrible accident… stranded in deep-space.

Out There is a retro-stylized space survival game that’s less about the pew-pew of laser exchanges between battleships and more about the daunting task of making your way back home. After an equipment malfunction leaves you stranded in the outer-boundaries of the universe, you’ll need to muster all of your technician-talent to get things running again. In a vast, procedurally-generated world full of strange alien species and planets rich with raw materials ripe for the picking, survival is entirely in your hands.

With a heavy focus on exploration, crafting, and resource management, Out There aims to play something like a cross between a classic “choose your own adventure” sci-fi book and Masters of Orion with a slick, hand-illustrated 70s design and solid story line. We’re highly anticipating this title due out in late 2013.

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Good and difficult game. Going back to upgrading and encountering aliens. Well worth the money.

Posted by alienx 9 years ago

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