Explore Alternative History in Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USA

If you’re into war games that involve a lot of planning and strategy to come out on top you’ve probably already downloaded Strategy & Tactics: World War II. Now, there is an alternate history scenario add on for the game called Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USA. The story for this alternative history scenario has the USSR and China invading the US. So now you can live out in a strategy game some crazy alternate history war games.

The overreaching story behind Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USA is that a nuclear attack on Beijing set off a tangent of attacks on the US. Battles take place in a variety of locations that haven’t seen war in forever. Examples include, Alaska, Mexico, Canada and even Antarctica. Specifically, there are two campaigns totaling 17 missions in which you’ll have to balance military, economics and scientific development. There is also a skirmish mode in Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USA which offers endless gameplay. You can get this extensive and interesting add on to Strategy & Tactics: World War II now for $2.99 on Google Play.

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