Expect Humor and Silliness in Turn Based Strategy Game Romans In My Carpet!

The Romans have always been known for their mighty conquests. While their glorious days are long gone, the spirit behind their forces still lingers on. At least, in the form of Android games such as this one, Romans In My Carpet!

Frankly, the goofy title itself should make this a winner, but for those who like a  descriptive explanation before downloading the game, here goes.

You take control of an army of tiny dust mites called Romites and battle the bedbugs or Breetles in a modern day dorm room. There are six types of units to take charge of and you’ll be battling the enemies in spider-driven chariots and making use of poop-flinging catapults to settle scores.

The game is all 16-bit retro goodness with cool graphical work for which the developers Witching Hour Studios picked up the Best Game Art trophy in the Asia Indie Prize awards earlier this month.

As far as gameplay goes, you have a ten mission single player campaign and an asynchronous multiplayer mode. However both modes require an internet connection to play due to the fact that the AI is partly processed on Witching Hour’s servers.

You can pick up Romans In My Carpet from the Play Store for $1.99, but don’t be surprised if you find some purely cosmetic IAP options once you get started.

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