Electrify Your Free Time with the Endless Brawler Kritika: Chaos Unleashed

Gamevil’s vicious brawler Kritika: Choas Unleashed landed on the Play Store quite recently and it’s a game that brings you pulsating action on an epic scale. Set in the land of Kirenos, which is now under the attack of a vicious leader who wants to take over the land, you are commanded to choose your game character (a powerful berserker or an agile cat acrobat) and set out to defeat the villain and his army.

The storyline isn’t the most powerful or gripping one yet, but that can be easily overlooked when the combat is quick and fast and you have the option of serving up powerful combos and then unleash special moves like the “wind spin” and “thunder dash” that can wipe out big armies in one single action.

You can also enjoy endless brawling in the Monster Wave mode where, as you guessed, you’ll carve your way past endless waves of monsters and collect plenty of gold for every enemy taken down. The gold can be used to enhance your weapons and craft new gear, which will enhance your powers the next time you head off into battle.

You can also test your skills against rivals in online matches, which brings me to the most unpleasant part of the game, the requirement to have an internet connection to play. If you can look past that and the unlimited IAPs that you’ll be tempted to pick up, you might fairly enjoy what’s on offer.

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