Dungeon Crawlers Gives The OUYA A Great Tactical RPG

Dungeon Crawlers are an insanely popular video game in general and one that I feel is becoming more and more prevalent anyways. It is only fitting that Dungeon Crawlers (great name I know) by Ayopa Games brings the great dungeon crawling experience the the OUYA.

As you could expect Dungeon Crawlers” gameplay is straight dungeon crawler-esque. However Dungeon Crawler is a tactical RPG top down dungeon crawler. There are plenty of monsters to take on such as mummies, skeletons, and other monsters as well as epic boss battles. Floors of the dungeon are likewise full of interesting obstacles such as lava, traps and more. The layout and menu systems in Dungeon Crawlers are also well done, intuitive and give you all the control you would need. Dungeon Crawlers also is full of humor to keep you entertained and the gameplay lighthearted even if the gameplay is difficult. Overall Dungeon Crawlers  is a great dungeon crawler for the OUYA and well worth checking out.

Get Dungeon Crawlers on OUYA app store.

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