Colossus Escape is a Colorful Runner Where You Are Chased by a God

Graphically speaking at least, Colossus Escape is certainly an eye catching game. We told you about this endless runner when it hit beta last year and the good news now is that it is officially available for everyone to enjoy, and for the good price of free too!

In Colossus Escape, you need to escape the wrath of the fearsome looking God Colossus who is hot on your heels and for some reason wants to eat you up. Your only defense as you run forward over obstacles and incoming enemies is a sword and magical potions which you must pick up on your runs.The more potions you collect, the longer you will be able to survive your runs, but if you do run out eventually you can exchange some diamonds for an extra life or two.

If all that endless chasing gets to you, you can go in for some intense challenges in Quick Time Events where you will have to battle hordes of monsters, giants and ruthless killers within a short time span. There are also other game modes (Story, Infinity, Extreme, Turbo)that should offer you a bit of variety in gameplay. Other interesting features of the game include an alternate day-night system, a combat system, and big boss battles to take on.

Colossus Escape will be played out in four chapters, but as of now only the first chapter is available for play. While the game does look awfully tempting to try, there has been confirmation that the game, which is ad-supported is being reported by certain antivirus software to be adware. The developers have pointed out that the banner platform in question is legit, but we will leave that to your discretion. You can lose the ads altogether if you like by coughing up $1.99, via IAPs.

User Reviews

so-so runner

it looks interesting, but doesn't bring anything new we haven't see on previous endless runners.

Posted by Lola 8 years ago

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