Closed Beta for Dead on Arrival 2 Ends; Gets Limited Release

Dead on Arrival 2 has got to be one of the most anticipated mobile releases this year and every single aspect of its journey has been blogged about. Well now it is finally out of beta and has gotten a limited “soft” release in New Zealand and Australia. This can only mean that for the rest of us, Dead on Arrival 2  can’t be far behind.

If you’re not familiar with Dead on Arrival 2 or the original Dead on Arrival, I’ll fill you in. The series is strictly a zombie survival game which also has action shooting. It really is the best of all genres and the sequel is going to be bigger. In general, Dead on Arrival 2 has more weapon choices, more zombies, more levels and better graphics but also has some bigger changes. A big one is the inclusion of a four player co-op mode which has me super excited. Others include controller support and a few little tweaks to gameplay to make everything more fun. Also worth mentioning is that Dead on Arrival 2 is coming to OUYA later this year. Once Dead on Arrival 2 goes from a soft release to the full release we will let you know here on AndroidShock.

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