CLARC is a Charming Robotic Puzzler for Android

Life on Mars, especially one in a nuclear missile factory can be very dull and boring. Except of course, if there were drunk robots hell bent on partying, pretty nuclear missiles to ogle at and intoxicated supercomputers to talk to. That’s just a little bit of what you can expect in GoldenTricycle’s interesting action puzzle game CLARC.

You play the role of a tiny robot CLARC #37 who reports to work only to find a whole lot of things in the facility in complete disarray. There are robots looking to get high on motor oil, missiles that are stuck and need to be rescued, and the facility to be saved from the M.O.T.H.E.R spaceship. Whew!

The environment you find yourself in is a complicated tunnel type maze filled with pipes and other machinery and you must help CLARC move blocks of stuff around, activate switches, direct laser beams and solve all sorts of puzzles in order to save the facility.

There are over 100 challenging puzzles spread over 25 levels and the attractive grid-based gameplay can have you addicted in no time at all. The game also features rich HD visuals that should play out beautifully in high end devices.

CLARC can be downloaded on Google Play for free, but you have to unlock the full version of the game via IAPs. Thankfully, there are no further in-game micro transactions. Interested? Just hit the button below to enjoy some spatial robotic puzzle action in your spare time.

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