Clamber, a Cute Endless Climbing Game Creeps into the Play Store

Endless runners are aplenty on the Play Store and most often carry a standard gameplay concept. So when another one crops up with a unique selling idea, its hard not to sit up and take notice.

Clamber, from FunLittleGames is a cute endless climber that will have you pulling and stretching a googly-eyed creature around the environment in the hope of helping him climb to the top of an infinitely long tower.

The challenges to achieving that goal come by way of falling objects, inability to stretch beyond a certain level and simply running out of room to stretch. Also, once you start the game, the screen starts moving upward, leaving you with little time to find a way up.

Stars are the collectibles in the game and you can exchange them for fun customizables such as new colors for your hero or different eyes! In fact, the ability to mix and match body parts to create your own kinda climber is fun! While you can earn the stars in-game, there’s no stopping you from buying some via IAPs. Don’t worry, they are reasonably priced and completely optional.

The game’s graphics are certainly interesting looking like something your little kid made up in her arts and crafts class (in a good way!) In fact, Climber would be the perfect game for the kids to play, although I won’t be surprised if you decide to take a peek yourself!

You can pick up Clamber right now from the Play Store for free.

User Reviews

Really good game

Awsome game... I love it and my kids love it, I think the whole family is addicted :D

Posted by GeorgeD 10 years ago

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