Claim Your Glory With Dynasty Warlord

If you like RPG mobile games and want something that has great graphics and is well polished then you should check out Dynasty Warlord by GAMEVIL. Dynasty Warlord is a typical RPG combined with social aspects that some people may shy away from but in the case of Dynasty Warlord it is well worth checking out.

The whole governing aspect to Dynasty Warlord is collecting the fictitious historical warriors and then battling them for gold and glory! There are four regions of gameplay and you can collect heroes from each of them. These factions are named the Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise and Vermillion Bird. Like most mobile RPGs recently you can then combine heroes you have to create one super powerful hero. Note the combinations are literally endless! So what do you do with your team of heroes then? Well there is a singleplayer mode where you can battle in epic boss fights and rain dungeons. There also is a global PvP mode that is more interesting and allows you to win some pretty nice piles of in game loot. Overall it looks like Dynasty Warlord knows what mobile RPG fans want and delivers on that.

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Solid game

This game is little boring because of a lack of action but it's not the worst game i've played. It's a lot like Monster Warlord

Posted by sicksob 8 years ago

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