Carmageddon Android Arrives 10th Of May

If you are an old, khm, PC player in the best years, you probably remember 1997 PC game Carmageddon (Stainless games and Interplay) in which you win a race by not letting others win (wreck their rides) or by killing all pedestrians (surprisingly popular choice). Oh yes, you could also cross the finish line first but there is no recorded data that anybody ever actually won that way. If you are a part of the younger crowd, you will get the chance to drive the way you want (and some probably already do). Well, either way, if you are in a mood for a game similar to Twisted Metal and Road Rash (Sega console) grab your leather case for Android phone and get the port from Friday 10th of May 2013 from Google Play.

We saved the best for last! On 10th of May full game will be available for FREE for 24 hours. Yes, promo full game for free! If your memory isn’t so good, you can sign up on and you will receive a reminder by email. By doing so, you automatically sign up for freebies! Winners will be randomly picked and the lucky ones can hope for the T-shirt of their choice from the collection and other free stuff from the store. Also, 3 winners will get a free copy of the game on GOG!


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