Can eSports Help Drive Downloads of Android Games?

Over the past couple of decades, eSports have moved closer and closer into the mainstream. We are seeing more people tune in and watch events, sell-out crowds in attendance inside arenas that are hosting games and a general push towards more people being involved.

All of this can only be a positive for the gaming industry, even the mobile gaming industry with Android games set to benefit.

The fact is that while competitive gaming is not the same as gaming on your own mobile phone, the more people watching eSports events, the more likely we are to see people want to play themselves and download onto their phone.
This is a key area that Android games can target in the future, especially with the type of games on offer and if this works, the eSports industry could funnel a lot of new players towards mobile games.

How the eSports Industry is Growing

The eSports industry has managed to branch out and attract a wide range of people. One area they have excelled in is the sports betting industry, with bookmakers offering odds on games and punters tuning in to watch.

Betting on eSports has grown at a rapid rate, gone are the days where just a handful of bookmakers would accept bets, now the vast majority of bookies, such as those on the bookmakers page will take a wager off you on an eSports event.

Gamblers like traditional sports, and the more that turn to eSports, the more chance it has of becoming a traditional sport rather than one that is seen as something a little different.

What will help the game industry here is that these new followers are not gamers already, so if any of them move from eSports to the gaming industry, they are brand new players.

Players Choosing to Play Games They Are Watching

If you take a look at the Android games that are currently available, you will see that there are some eSports titles listed. You can download these to your phone and play them, if you have enjoyed watching them in the past.

Generally, people are very competitive and they want to show they are good at something. This is great for eSports games, because after watching players, people will want to try their luck and play as good.

This is only going to mean downloads, sales and much more. Some will be on consoles, so people can play like those they watch, but others won’t have the time, or the console to do that.

These are the players who will turn to mobile gaming for their fix, and this is where Android games will come into play and be a force in the charts.

Will eSports Influence All Mobile Game Developers?

If you look at the most popular eSports games, they all have one thing in common. These games are all either multiplayer battle games or multiplayer first-person shooter games.

This type of game has seen popularity soar, and part of that has been down to eSports. With that in mind, with the latest eSports trends push gaming developers to think in a certain way?

Even if a game is not going to be used by those playing eSports, is it still important to be in the same genre to attract players who are looking for things to play?

There is certainly the case to be made for this, and it is going to be an interesting watch. It could cause a flood of very similar games to hit the market, but despite that, the demand could well be there.

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