Become Anti-Hero in Adult Swim’s New Game Castle Doombad

In most games it is fairly typical for you to be the hero rescuing the damsel in distress. Just look at the classic Mario trope where you rescue Princess Peach time and time again. Well, the developers over at Adult Swim Games are sadistic and in their new title, Castle Doombad, you are trying to kill the hero instead! Gameplay is essentially a unique twist on the tower defense genre but with Adult Swim Games’ great professional quality over it all.

You play as Dr. Lord Evilstein who has kidnapped a princess in his tower. Of course, now heroes are coming out of the woodwork to rescue her. It is up to you then to place rooms full of traps to slowly but surely kill the would be heroes. There are a total of 45 levels over 3 chapters where it is your duty to kill kill kill! You place traps, unleash minions and use powers to accomplish this. All things are upgradeable for more efficient hero slaying action. There are also plenty of achievements to earn and a nice endless mode for unlimited replay value. Castle Doombad looks great and Adult Swim Games has an impressive record so check it out now on the Play Store.

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