BBC Worldwide Presents Top Gear: Race The Stig for Android Fans

Love Top Gear so very much that you want to play it as a game on your Android. Thanks to BBC, Supersonic Software, and Mastertronic, you can download the official Top Gear game now on the Google Play Store.

Race the Stig is not an actual racing game, but its rather an endless racer, so you will be jumping, ducking, and dodging your way past obstacles while racing through iconic Top Gear locations. Legendary tame racing driver Stig will be shadowing you all the while, blocking your way.

Being the endless runner that it is, expect to pick up collectibles, this time some golden nuts, spanners, shiny rewards and powerups that can be used to extend play. The golden nuts can be exchanged for single use items such as the indestructible pickup (which will help you survive any crash for 30 seconds) and  sub-zero fridges, which will unlock a surprise mystery prize.

Top Gear  Race the Stig (1) Top Gear  Race the Stig (2) Top Gear  Race the Stig (3)

Players will also get a chance to try out some of the popular vehicles from the series; Richard Hammond’s Oliver, Jeremy’s Italian police car, complete with Ben Hur wheels and James’ Amphibious Triumph Herald to name a few.

The game content does look a bit thin at the moment, but the developers promise to bring more iconic vehicles and locations, extra crash helmets, tougher challenges and powerups through regular updates. Integration with Google Play Games Service means that you will also be able to compete with friends and fight for leaderboard glory.

Top Gear: Race the Stig has bright cartoony graphics which are a delight, but the unoriginal gameplay is marred by excessive ads and expensive IAPs. If you are a fan of the series, or just an endless running fanatic, you can download the free-to-play game by hitting the link below.

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