A Sensory Journey You Can’t Miss; Avoid – Sensory Overload

The title of the game is called Avoid – Sensory Overload and let that serve a real warming to you. I say this because your senses will go into overdrive while playing Avoid – Sensory Overload. There are bright colors, fast movements, frantic gameplay and crazy music. If you think you have what it takes to play an arcade runner while getting your eyes, ears and brain blasted then Avoid – Sensory Overload is the game for you.

With that being said, Avoid – Sensory Overload is a typical arcade runner but more colorful and crazy than most. You need to last as long as you can while avoiding a host of obstacles and enemies. There is the expected endless mode but also a story mode which is interesting. The endless mode is randomly generated and the story mode has various levels of increasing difficulty. Of course, as the title suggests, the other big aspect is in the craziness of it all. In that aspect you have dynamic backgrounds, music that flows like a sound wave visualizer and a multitude of themes. These include electronic, laser dance, synthrock and more to come. All in all Avoid – Sensory Overload takes the arcade runner and makes it an experience!

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