Best RTS Games for Android

There is nothing like the chaos of a good RTS (Real Time Strategy) game and subsequently the euphoria of winning a level or battle. Nowadays RTS games are popping up everywhere on mobile Android devices and for good reason. The touch screen aspect of mobile devices really allows for quick maneuvers and fast gameplay on the go. So what are the best RTS games for Android? Check out our list below:

5. Little Dragons

Little Dragons is a great way to breed and take care of the cutest, cuddly dragons in the Viking world. Great for kids of all ages, this wholesome game is worth the download. - Kim Barloso
Little Dragons isn't your typical RTS game and it admittedly takes a more kiddy approach to everything but with that being said it is still a fun game for all. By "different" I mean that Little Dragons focuses more on city building and growing dinosaurs. Now a lot of games try this approach and get it terribly wrong with wait times or IAPs but Little Dragons progresses much quicker than any other game of this kind I've seen before. So if you're looking for something slightly less chaotic than check out Little Dragons.

4. Champs: Battlegrounds

Champs: Battleground is full of chaos as you build up to squad to take on all sorts of opponents. - Robert Clark
Champs: Battlegrounds looks like a typical turn based strategy game but in fact is one of the more chaotic RTS games out there. You build up a small group/army of typical characters like mages and rangers and take on various other enemy groups. Stages are small and there are hot spots that give great boasts if you control them. This is the perfect recipe short and extremely hectic games that will keep you coming back for more. Champs: Battlegrounds also has the benefit of some great cartoonish graphics to keep everything nice and tidy.

3. Oil Rush

Oil Rush is a game that gets pretty much everything right from the beginning. Though the graphics will often draw the first look, the game's UI is what will keep people playing past that. Moving through maps and menus is as easy as making a phone call. For a game so complex, it's an impressive feat. - Evan Wade
Most RTS games for Android are relatively small in scale. By this I mean while the gameplay could be good, everything seems like it should be on a mobile device. However, Oil Rush by Unigine is that game that blows all others out of the water...and in this case pun intended. The setting of Oil Rush is that nuclear warfare has melted the ice caps thereby shifting sea level and everyone wants the last bit of oil. Gameplay revolves around your own navy as you command them in various interesting locales like submerged cities, jungle swamps and more. Essentially Oil Rush is a powerhouse of an RTS that gets pretty much every feature right.

Oil Rush

$4.99 · ·

2. Eufloria HD

Eufloria defies the conventional wisdom of RTS games, but manages to do it in style. A tad pricey, but doesn’t disappoint at all! - Adeline Gear
While it has been out for a while Eufloria HD is still is an impressive game and has a great track record of awards and great reviews. Basically the goal of Eufloria HD is implanting various "planets" with seeds from a mother tree. So you send groups of seeds to various planets or asteroids to colonize them which then they grow into trees which give you more seeds, etc. The catch is you have opponent seeds that are trying to colonize the same planets so you have to sort of battle them by having more seeds than them. A very simple concept but Eufloria HD does it with beautiful graphics and a great score. Well worth the price.

1. Rymdkapsel

Rymdkapsel is at once a real-time strategy game and Tetris clone. Set in the blackness of space, you’re tasked with creating and managing an ever-growing base comprised of interconnected colored platforms. - Jason Stengren
Who would have thought combining base building RTS elements with a Tetris theme would be a good idea, but alas it is and now Grapefrukt Games has a hit on their hands with Rymdkapsel. If you don't know what the weird looking word Rymdkapsel is, it is a minimalistic space RTS where you build up your space station while also defending it. A catch here, though, is the rooms are Tetris shapes and you need to fit them together in certain ways as well as your typical defending and other RTS genre elements. Rymdkapsel is one of the best games to come out in 2013 and definitely deserves a spot on a top RTS Android list.

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