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Sprint for the Gold


What do all men dream of? At least if you believe movies set in exotic places? Gold! Gold is always on the mind and it is the subject of Treasure Tower Sprint, a new app game by Sava Transmedia. You play a greedy prince exploring magical towers filled with maze like layouts, huge monster guardians, a magical Djinn and of course the coveted gold. You need to be quick if you want to come out rich and you always have to be weary what you wish for from a Djinn.

Pac-man Aladdin Style

Gameplay in Treasure Tower Sprint is oddly similar to Pac-man I would say. Each level is a maze of some sort essentially and you move in straight lines collecting tons of gold avoiding monsters which both follow you or just walk in predetermined paths. Sound familiar? Pac-man traveling in maze like levels gobbling up pellets avoiding ghosts which follow? Of course it is modern times so even with the Pac-man allusions in Tower Treasure Sprint it brings in tons of new features as well as the obvious graphical improvements. Tower Treasure Sprint brings three different towers which have over 15 levels each. The towers range from easy to hard and you unlock the subsequent tower levels by beating each tower in succession. Level design for Tower Treasure Sprint also brings in that modern Pac-man feel with the inclusion of stationary enemies (in addition to the obvious mobile ones), switches which add a little bit of puzzle action in later levels, a multitude of powerups and an interesting bonus round where you try and catch peacocks.

Ancient Creatures Awakened

The goal in Tower Treasure Sprint is to obviously collect all the gold in a level to then move up the tower to get to the Djinn to grant you your wish of ultimate riches. But this journey is not going to be easy, it never is, have we learned anything from movies? So with that being said it is guarantied you are going to face a host of  monsters that look like they came straight out of Egyptian hieroglyphics. These monsters or creatures are actually pretty indescribable as they don’t follow typical themes like zombies or World of Warcraft monsters, but what I do know is there is a great variety in terms of how they look and how they wreck your path to becoming a billionaire.  For instance you have general enemies which follow a predetermined path around the maze levels, some that are stationary and if you walk in front of them attack you, others that if you get close to them they will follow you, some that come straight for you if you start opening a treasure chest, etc. And again to our determent most of these ancient horrors have different versions of themselves which are stronger.  You may be wondering what I mean by “stronger” or if these monsters function as the ghosts in Pac-man. Well, here is where Tower Treasure Sprint is interesting.

Flee or fight! Essentially. Aka you can attack the monsters you see around you or you can choose to avoid them. Each has its own pros and cons. Basically if you choose to attack you may loose a lot of your health or even die but if you succeed the monster that is in your way twill be gone for a while to allow you to get the gold it was guarding. If you choose to avoid the monsters then obviously you won’t weaken yourself to further attacks but it may be harder to get to some places and take more patience.  Luckily with the gold you collect at the end of each level you can upgrade yourself to help you against these monsters. You can upgrade your attack to therefore do more damage to the enemies, health, armor and lock picking speed (for opening treasure chests which hold more gold and bonus feathers).

Tricks of the Pharaoh

Like I mentioned earlier, Tower Treasure Sprint has a lot of powerups and other tricks up its sleeve when it comes to its levels, especially the later harder ones. Switches which open gates are the main thing that adds a great puzzling aspect. In later levels you need to figure out the correct order of them to gain passageway to all the gold. If you’re good and quick you can also sometimes trap monsters in between gates in zones you have already cleared all the gold to really give you free reign. In addition to actual level dynamics the powerups are great fun and another modern day touch to Pac-man and the like. Powerups in Tower Treasure Sprint include the obvious full health powerup but also invincibility, increased attack, and slowed time. Fairly generic powerups I suppose but they are a necessary factor in all games of this kind and especially Tower Treasure Sprint.

Collapse of the Towers

As with most games I review I like to have a section devoted to problems and gripes I found within the game and try and think of possible solutions in case the developer ever stumbles across the post. My issue with Tower Treasure Sprint is two fold. One I found the difficulty and subsequent ramp a roller coaster. What I mean by this is at first it seems the game is too easy that it is on the verge of boring. Then it jumps up to something ridiculously hard that takes a while to beat and some thought as well, but as soon as that happens you’re back to a monotonous bout of levels. The other issue I have is the pacing and controls. To move you just kind of guide your character with your finger and a big yellow joystick type graphic appears to show you which direction you’re going in. However…this obscures the game even more so than just your finger (if you’re playing on a phone like I was for this game). In addition your character moves excruciatingly slow it seems relative to  the enemies around you, which really makes Tower Treasure Sprint a rather boring game to play with no sense of urgency and speed even though the word “sprint” is in the name.

2.5 / 5


Collect all the gold you can and seek out the Djinn to grant you your wish of becoming filthy rich! tweet

Robert Clark · Jul 8, 2013

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