Nun Attack: Run & Gun Review

A Nun Run


Awhile ago Frima Studios showed us with Nun Attack that nuns are to be feared as they come fully loaded to kick some paranormal butt. These lovable but dangerous nuns are back now in an endless runner styled mobile game called Nun Attack: Run & Gun which is exactly what the title hints at. You play as the nuns, running and gunning down all sorts of baddies.

The Nunnery

If you played the original Nun Attack you may have fallen in love with a particular nun. After all they do have different properties, stats and looks. Well in Nun Attack: Run & Gun they are all back in action ready for some shooting. Of course in typical mobile game fashion you only have access to the basic nun, Rosie, starting off. The other nuns which have various bonuses against certain types of enemies can be unlocked or bought. Note that unlocking them takes forever which kind of forces your hand to spend hard earned money on these virtual nuns if you’re so inclined.

Skeletons, Vampires, Werewolves Oh My!

Like in Nun Attack, the antagonists of this nun sage is that of nuns vs. paranormal creatures. This involves skeletons, vampires and werewolves. Kind of wish that they went all out and did more supernatural creatures but just having the three types makes it easy for the different nuns to have bonus stats against certain kinds. What is neat though about Nun Attack: Run & Gun is the different backgrounds. Each of the three supernatural monsters has their own realm if you will with different themed backgrounds. So the werewolves has trees and a full moon whereas the vampires have a more urban backdrop. This is just the most glaring example of the graphical polish and detail that Nun Attack: Run & Gun does possess.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

These nuns certainly do pack heat and really if you’re going up against undead skeletons and werewolves you’re going to need to. The whole gun system works pretty much the same as in the original Nun Attack where you start with a basic gun and upgrade to have better ones. In Run & Gun better guns means you can shoot tougher enemies in fewer shots and also shoot multiple enemies in one shot. Upgrading your gun does take coins which actually for the most part is achievable without resorting to in-app purchases. There are also powerups you can find in game to help you or you can use coins to purchase them so you start out the level with them. All together these nuns came prepared for some serious battle!

Another Runner

To be honest it really doesn’t surprise me that after the success of Nun Attack that they would further captialize on the IP and it really doesn’t surprise me that the easiest path they could take to double down is to make an endless runner. Endless runner games flood Google Play and because of that you really need to bring your A game with some unique ideas to stand out…your IP will not save you in a review, just get you to the top of the charts. So what I’m getting at is Nun Attack: Run & Gun is really just another generic runner in terms of features. Nothing new is really added to the genre as a whole and really the only thing it has going for it is its previous Nun Attack title and amount of graphical polish. So Nun Attack: Run & Gun looks nice and runs nice but if you want something different than the other 50 endless runner games you have on your phone then you may want to try something else.



3.0 / 5


Nun Attack: Run & Gun is the next logical step for these fierce nuns as they take on all sorts of supernatural baddies. tweet

Robert Clark · Aug 22, 2013

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